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·Product characteristics

⑴It covers all kinds of width and weight within 3.3 meters.

⑵The product quality is stable. The quantitative difference of banners is very small, and the problem of loose edge hardly occurs.

⑶Small expansion, both sides can be coated, stiffness is good, according to different coating methods and processes to formulate the corresponding permeability, wet deformation is small.

⑷Price concessions. In line with the concept of "benefiting customers, win-win cooperation", the company promotes base paper. It can give priority to supplying coating factory customers, and provide services in place, consistently.

⑸Indicators can be customized according to customer requirements (a certain order quantity is required).

⑹Provide service to help coating plant solve problems.

·Product specification

Model g/㎡ Width of cloth(mm) White Point Resistance of Coating Water absorption and expansion ratio StiffnessSpecial functions
TBY30 28-30 ≤3300 high ≤1.6% high /
TBY40 38-40 ≤3300 high ≤1.6% high /
TBY50 48-50 ≤3300 high ≤1.6% high /
TBY60 55-60 ≤3300 high ≤1.6% high /
TBY70 68-70 ≤3300 high ≤1.6% high /
TBY80 78-80 ≤3300 high ≤1.6% high /
TBY90 90-92 ≤3300 high ≤1.6% high /
ZTBY1 custom ≤3300 high ≤1.6% high Reduce coating requirement
ZTBY2 custom ≤3300 high ≤1.6% high Anti-curl and anti-bending

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