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SPGPrints and Xaar showcase their latest sublimation technology innovations at ITMA 2019

2019-11-22 14:00:39

    The sublimation transfer process is used in polyester and other synthetic fabrics, enabling textile printing and dyeing companies to print more efficiently with lower inks and achieve higher color densities for maximum results. In addition, with Xaar's unique technology - AcuDrp (Precision Droplet Technology) and TF Technology's true internal circulation technology - to ensure outstanding color uniformity, repeatability and excellent print quality, Xaar 5601 sets up digital textile printing New standard.


    The image shows a Xaar 5601 printhead and a sample printed with the water-soluble sublimation inks invented by Xaar 5601 and SPG for the printhead. The samples were printed in single pass and two-color mode at 100 m/min.

About SPGPrints

    SPGPrints is a leading multinational company in the textile and industrial printing sector. The company offers a system-wide solution with a portfolio of screens, inks and a variety of rotary screen printing and digital printing systems.

About Xaar

    The company is the world leader in inkjet technology development and industrial grade piezoelectric on-demand printhead manufacturing. Xaar also develops and supplies ink supply systems, electronic drive components and liquid optimization services to drive the development and application of inkjet printing systems.

    In addition to the nozzles, Xaar also designs and manufactures industrial grade printing systems such as direct printing and industrial 3D printers. Xaar has more than 25 years of experience in inkjet technology development.

    The printheads feature multiple patented technologies that deliver unparalleled performance for a wide range of industrial and consumer products, whether in decorative prints, spray-coated functional coatings or in the addition of three-dimensional textures. At present, the major manufacturers in the world of ceramic tile, wide-format printing, label and finished product direct packaging printing, decorative laminate flooring, etc., have chosen to use Xaar's print heads because they are extremely precise and have outstanding versatility. And incredible reliability, it is also designed for high-output inkjet printing production processes.

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