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Sublimation Process - Personalized custom printing process

2019-11-22 13:58:04


    The sublimation printing process belongs to the transfer printing technology. It is the simplest production process of the current printing process. The sublimation printing process using digital printing technology can design the computer according to various styles, colors and patterns of the customers. The pattern is printed on the transfer paper, and the pattern and color can be perfectly printed on the fabric through high temperature and high pressure.

    The sublimation process does not require water or sewage, and the process is very short, and the finished product is printed after printing, and does not require post-treatment processes such as steaming and washing;

    The patterns printed by the sublimation process are fine, the layers are rich and clear, the art is high, and the patterns of photography and painting style can be printed;

    The sublimation printing is brightly colored. During the sublimation process, the tar in the dye remains on the transfer paper and does not contaminate the fabric;

    High yield, when printing, you can print multiple sets of color patterns at once without the need for flowers;

    The flexibility is strong, and the customer can print out in a short period of time after selecting the pattern.

    The sublimation printing process mainly processes polyester and chemical fiber fabrics, modal, nylon, and acrylic fibers.

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