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Company profile

            Million Ton New Materials(Suzhou)Co,Ltd., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with R&D and sales as the leading factor. Mainly engaged in research and development and sales of thermal sublimation transfer paper and thermal sublimation disperse ink series products.

       In order to meet the rapid development of foreign markets, the company has set up a R&D team with engineering doctor as the core, and has established close cooperation with Suzhou University and Suzhou University of Science and Technology to jointly undertake key technical projects.

       At the same time, the company has completed investing in many domestic transfer paper manufacturers and ink manufacturers, realizing industrial chain integration and professional operation of different products, and has obvious technical advantages and rapid development momentum in thermal sublimation transfer paper and thermal sublimation dispersed ink.

Main honor

"Yangcheng Lake Science and Technology Leading Talent Enterprise", "Gusu Angel Plan", "Jiangsu Province Private Science and Technology Enterprise", "FSC Certification" and other honorary titles. In 2019, it was awarded the "High Quality Development and Innovation Award".

Major patents

The company has a number of national patents and a series of new research results. Patents cover all products and have independent intellectual property rights.

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