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  Talent policy

Company introduction

Jigu New Materials Co., Ltd. is a vigorous and rapid development of new technology entrepreneurship company. Since its inception, it has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of heat sublimation transfer printing mixed rubber powder. Relying on the steady development of chemical business, Jigu company also pays great attention to the growth of employees. It provides sufficient platform and help for employees from the aspects of career planning, ability improvement and job communication, and strives to achieve the personal growth goals of employees and the long-term development of enterprises.

Talent policy

Talents are the most precious resources. We should understand people, respect people, cohesive people, cultivate people, put people first, attach importance to the creativity of every employee, and improve the responsibility of every employee. Only outstanding people can create and promote great undertakings. The operation and development of an enterprise must rely on intelligent and powerful talents. Every member of the company is treated equally, so that every staff member has the opportunity to express themselves and make comments.

Salary and Welfare Policy

1.Competitive overall compensation system follows the principles of internal fairness and external competitiveness, providing employees with competitive overall compensation arrangements in the same industry; annual income includes fixed wages, floating bonuses and welfare income.

2. Various welfare systems regulate the statutory welfare system; humanized vacation arrangements: weekend breaks, and enjoy annual national statutory holidays and paid annual leave. Living welfare system: such as providing transportation subsidy, lunch subsidy, housing subsidy, telephone subsidy and other humanized living benefits.

3. The specific salary situation will be different according to the industry situation and the position situation.

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